Get Debt Under Control With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are struggling with debt, make a steady income and have assets you wish to protect, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a debt relief option you wish to consider.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt is reorganized into a payment plan that lasts between three and five years. Some debt may be discharged, depending on the nature of the debt and other factors.

If you are thinking about filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Mississippi, I can provide you with information about the process. I have been handling bankruptcy law matters for clients in Southaven and surrounding areas for nearly 20 years.

Stop Foreclosure With Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is a good option for those who have fallen behind on mortgage payments and wish to avoid home foreclosure. In a Chapter 13, you can pay mortgage arrearages as part the repayment plan.

Another feature of Chapter 13 is second mortgage stripping. If your house is underwater, that is, you owe more on it than its market value, Chapter 13 will wipe out second and subsequent mortgages on the property.

Contact An Attorney About Your Debt Relief Goals

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